Young people speak out! Re-imagining prevention against sexual exploitation through their eyes

For two years, more than seventy teenagers (14-17 years old) from the Montreal metropolitan area were involved in a major societal issue: sexual exploitation, a constantly evolving issue that particularly affects young people.

Through a series of meetings, discussions, workshops and training sessions, they were able to exchange views on the subject, react to prevention campaigns conducted in the province and survey those around them to deepen their analysis in order to improve the fight against sexual exploitation.

This work and commitment resulted in the formulation of recommendations to make the tools, prevention means and awareness campaigns intended for them more effective and more reflective of their realities.

These recommendations are intended for key players and policy makers in the province and are intended to provide a basis for further reflection on the role of young people and children in the processes and issues that affect them, and the need to involve them more.

Through its process and recommendations, the Voices of Youth project demonstrates children’s willingness to engage and their ability to take part in their own protection and promotion of their rights on broader societal issues.

The young people involved have translated their recommendations into creative projects that promote their message in both form and content.

Among the recommendations made are the following:

  • Increase representation in prevention
  • Address the ‘red flags‘ of sexual exploitation (manipulation, abuse of trust and power, etc.)
  • Vary the targets of campaigns
  • Adapt and vary campaign formats to the target audience
  • Messages that focus more on condemning the acts committed than on protecting the victims
  • […]

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Patriots High School

The Inclusion Committee of the Patriots High School decided to transmit its recommendations through a mosaic of 9 coroplasts forming a giant image. Drawn by one of its members, the image has 8 key words on the back that summarize their recommendations.

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Participants from Externat Sacré-Coeur proposed an interactive questionnaire followed by recommendations based on a survey of over 200 senior students at their school. The questionnaire was presented at the launch event to, among other things, get the adult audience to reflect on the differences in perspectives with young people. Among the recommendations were to transfer responsibility for the act to the perpetrator and to equip parents to better address the issue with their young people.

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The teenagers from Collège Notre-Dame produced three video clips, each focusing on one main angle of their recommendations

  • Increasing representation in prevention
  • Addressing the “red flags” of sexual exploitation
  • Varying the targets of the campaigns.

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The Motivation-Jeunesse team has produced a short, shocking video aimed at those responsible for acts of sexual exploitation. By specifically targeting the sharing of “nudes” without consent, the young people in this group hope to provoke a change in mentality and a transfer of responsibility to potential aggressors. Rediscover the power of “N-O” in a clear and accessible message!

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The young participants of the MAGI youth centre decided to produce a podcast. In the form of questions and answers, the three hosts discussed the various forms of sexual exploitation and the impact they can have on the lives of those affected. Marie-Manuelle Moya, a sexologist and counsellor with Projet Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ), was present during the recording to react to their ideas and share her expertise.

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The Project « Young people speak out » :


Over 70 young people involved, aged between 13 and 18

2 YEARS OF ENGAGEMENT of participants

5 PARTNERSHIPS with schools and community structures


6 EVENTS organised in the framework of the project

This project is made possible by the financial support of the City of Montreal and the Ministry of Justice of the Government of Quebec.