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Fabrice Kazadi

Social Work Advisor

With a degree in sociology, Fabrice KAZADI taught in secondary school for 10 years before going into social work.

Fabrice was for 15 years project manager in a local child protection NGO where he had to work for family reunification and socio-economic reintegration of children in family break-up (commonly called children living in the street) and ex-children associated with armed forces and groups.

In parallel to his position as project manager, he has been part of the team of supervisors of the Réseau des éducateurs des enfants et jeunes de la rue (REEJER), a platform of child protection NGOs, since 2005. From 2008 until he joined the IBCR, Fabrice was a national trainer in social work. In this capacity, he trained several social workers throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In August 2017, he joined the IBCR as an expert in social work - child protection.

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