Training police officers and gendarmes on children’s rights

Atelier stratégique – Amman – Novembre 2013

Promoting concrete change for children

Project Duration : 2013 - 2014

In November 2012, Jordan took part in the fourth global brainstorming workshop on integrating key competencies adapted to children’s rights into the training and practice of police officers and gendarmes. Held in Lomé, it brought together some 22 delegations from across the African continent (lien vers Rapport de l’atelier de Lomé). In response to the interest expressed by Jordanian authorities at the workshop, the IBCR, in partnership with the non-governmental organisation Save the Children, began developing a specialised training course to strengthen the knowledge and competencies of Jordanian security forces in the area of children’s rights.


Initially, this project made it possible to evaluate the expectations and needs of representatives from law enforcement in the area of children’s rights. It also led to an analysis of the situation of children in contact with the law and a review of the difficulties they face on a regular basis.

Several consultations were held by the IBCR, in collaboration with Save the Children Jordan, with representatives from official authorities and non-governmental organisations, as well as some 40 children. This data collection work conducted in the field led to the preparation of a situational analysis aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the juvenile justice system. The report that was produced also served to gauge the quantity and quality of courses on children’s rights taught in police training institutions in Jordan.

This preliminary analysis led to the creation of a training toolkit equivalent to 80 teaching hours and consisting of different learning tools adapted to the Jordanian context.  

  • Intervention locations : Jordan
  • Project duration: 2013 -2014
  • Partners :
    • Save the Children, police force and gendarmerie training institutions, Family Protection Department, Juvenile Police Department, Ministry of Social Development, juvenile detention centres
  • Highlights:
    • 46 children interviewed
    • 14 social workers involved
    • 36 representatives from official authorities, institutions and organisations participated in the framing workshop
    • Meetings or interviews with 34 institutions, official authorities and organisations in brainstorming workshops
    • 66 days spent in the field mission
  • Fields of activity and expertise :
    • Capacity building
    • Applied research
    • Tools, reference manuals and standards
    • Children and the justice system

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