Training of police and the judiciary in child rights and juvenile justice

Visite d’un Centre de Développement Familial et Communautaire

A structuring initiative supported by a solid partnership with training institutions

Project Duration : 2013 - 2015

Using a national action plan developed in 2012 by the Burundian delegation at the regional workshop organised by the IBCR in Lomé, Togo (lien rapport), UNICEF and the Bureau offered long-term support for meaningful, integrated and practical training within training centres for police and the Training Centre for Legal Professionals through a knowledge transfer and monitoring process. Legislative texts that had recently been adopted in Burundi provided a unique opportunity to build the capacities of judicial personnel with respect to the legislative changes, while strengthening competencies related to child victims, witnesses, and criminal offenders. These reforms also favoured the training of law enforcement on policing techniques and children’s rights.

Project goals :

  • Improve children’s access to justice in Burundi through improved and effective police and judicial practices, allowing security forces and the judiciary to consider a child’s age and ethical issues in their work
  • The permanent and compulsory integration of high quality training modules on child rights and protection and juvenile justice in the training centres of the police and judiciary, including the Brigade for the Protection of Minors

After two years of intensive work, a situational analysis was prepared on the roles and responsibilities of police officers and the judiciary within the child protection system, and child rights and juvenile justice were integrated into the programmes of three police schools and of the Training Centre for Justice Professionals (TCLP) in Burundi.

  • Intervention locations : Burundi
  • Project duration: 2013 à 2015
  • Partners :
    • The Government of Burundi and its public institutions
    • UNICEF Burundi
    • National civil society organisations
  • Highlights:
    •  Over 200 judges trained in children’s rights and juvenile justice
    • 38 children interviewed
  • Fields of activity and expertise :
    • Capacity building
    • Tools, reference manuals and standards
    • Training leadership
    • Children and the justice system

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