Study on How to Integrate Child and Youth Rights into Budget Cycles in Burkina Faso

Consultation workshop with youths

Encouraging governments to take their commitments to children’s rights into account when planning budgets

Project duration : 2013

In partnership with the German Cooperation, the Bureau conducted research on children’s rights and budget planning with the intention of identifying strategic measures to help ensure that political commitments to children’s rights are reflected in the country’s budget process.

This study was conducted in three stages:

  • A preparatory study was conducted to establish an overview and a methodology for the mission in Burkina Faso
  • During a field mission, the Bureau met with managers, state ministries and structures, civil society organisations and some 15 youths aged 17 to 19 as part of its consultation workshops. Based on the initial report, the in-depth investigation was enriched by the interviews held during those workshops
  • The results of preliminary research and the field mission laid the groundwork for the development of a strategic approach to integrating the rights of children and youth into the operations of Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Intervention locations : Ouagadougou
  • Project duration: 2013
  • Partners :
    • The Burkina Faso Ministry of Economy and Finance
    • The German Cooperation
    • A national consultant
  • Highlights:
  • Fields of activity and expertise :
    • Applied research
    • Advocacy and institutional support

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