The IBCR is aware of the importance of political dialogue in promoting and implementing children’s rights. That’s why the Bureau plays an active role in national and international campaigns, enabling ongoing dialogue with competent authorities and local partners.

By participating in the International Child Protection Network Canada (ICPNC), the IBCR is able to add its voice to those of several other Canadian agencies with a view to influencing child protection policies within the country and abroad. The Bureau is also an active partner in the Child Protection Working Group and the Code.

Projet-Standart-14Effecting structural change over the long term involves participating in large-scale events. For example, by attending the World Congress on Juvenile Justice, the IBCR was able to inform hundreds of state representatives and international organisations about the importance of raising public awareness and of implementing juvenile justice practices in emergency situations. The topics covered by the IBCR during strategic meetings include sexual violence and victim assistance, human trafficking, corporate social responsibility in relation to children’s rights, early and forced marriages, and child sex tourism.

At the government level, the IBCR offers support by providing embassies and institutions with advisory services to guide the strategic and technical orientation of their actions, as well as assistance with developing national strategies and standard operating procedures.

To adequately protect children’s rights, the IBCR’s top priorities include raising awareness and influencing and assisting decision makers and stakeholders, particularly governments, public agencies, international organisations and civil society groups.

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