Zoom on the IBCR’s Fundraising Gala

On Monday November 20 2017, more than fifty kids have taken control of the Plaza Theatre during the first Fundraising Gala of the International Bureau for Children’s Rights. This event, organised as part of Universal Children’s Day, has been an opportunity to promote the voice and the participation of children in our societies. 

One of the member of the Executive Board of the IBCR, Joanne Doucet took the stage for the opening speech: “For Universal Children’s Day, I choose to celebrate children as actors of change because it is important to remember that every girl and every boy is a subject of rights who has a key role to play in society.” 

The evening programme was rich and eclectic. It reflected the image of the IBCR which works since 1994 in more than 45 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

The choir Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval have started the evening singing about liberties, rights, the future and family as well as a french adaptation of Rupert Lang’s song “Can you imagine”. 

During the second part, Carine Au Micro, a beninese singer has sung with her mesmerizing voice and has delivered a new song for Universal Children’s Day, dedicated to her mother: “Ma No Te Kpo Wo” (I will always be there).


The evening’s rythm increased when the dancers Pipo and Staicy Alcala have taken the stage. The duo danced salsa, bachata, merengue and even danced on disco music making all the public dance and enjoy the rest of the evening.

A photo exhibit was also on the programme with the collaboration of five internationally-renowned canadian photographers :  Normand Blouin, Roger Lemoyne, Jean-François Leblanc, Martin Beaulieu et Laurent Guérin.

A raffle ended this wonderful evening. 10 participants have won great prizes including a 400$ gift-certificate for a trip, one year VIP-card for Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts, a gift-certificate for a tasting menu for two people at Beroya Restaurant, a private cabin for 8 at La Grande Roue de Montréal and more.

The event, organised with the collaboration of Dalia Alachi, has reunited more than one hundred participants and has been hosted by Pamela Beaudry and DJ Choco. 

Where will the funds go ?

The funds raised will secured funding for the project Protection of Children, Women and other Vulnerable Populations taking place in different parts of the world, such as Latin America and Africa. This project is part of the Voluntary Cooperation Programme supported by Global Affairs Canada, and jointly implemented by the International Bureau for Children’s Rights and Lawyers Without Borders Canada.


Thank you to our sponsors and partners for this event!