Validation workshop of the training kit for the police sector in Costa Rica

As part of the project “Institutional reinforcement to combat human trafficking in Costa Rica”, a validation workshop of the training kit for the police sector was held on October 26 and 27 2017, in San José. 

The workshop, conducted by the IBCR, was given in front of an audience composed of different national police departments such as the tourist police, the penitentiary police as well as legal and training advisors from the National Police Academy.

The goal of this workshop was to present the content of the kit and to present new approaches and procedures in combatting human trafficking, especially when it involves child victims. The workshop has been an opportunity to test the activities and receive feedback on the main concepts as well as on the proposed learning methodology.

The interactions have also concerned the teaching techniques, the content of courses, the operation modes, the tools used by the police personnel and the relationship between the police and other actors of the child protection system in Costa Rica.