Training of UN DPKO Trainers on Children Rights

This week, the Peace Keeping Operation Department is organising the sixth workshop in a series of instructors ‘training sessions aimed at facilitating the introduction of a new class on child protection in emergency situation.

This class, designed by the IBCR, aims at training policewomen and policemen before they are sent to the field in peace keeping operations. Since Monday, the Bureau has been taking part in the training class set up in the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, where twenty-five police instructors from sixteen countries (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, France, Philippines, Portugal, United-Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Zimbabwe) must simulate the teaching of the nine course modules and qualify before being accepted instructors of the child protection course.

As part of their agreement with the UN Peace Keeping Operation Department, the IBCR has also issued a pocket guide so that the policewomen and policemen sent abroad can understand and use the international norms that apply to child protection in emergencies.