Thematic Audience for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Dominika M. Kianičková, went to Washington as a volunteer cooperant in Peru to support our partner CHS Alternativo. During a thematic audience for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as part of the project«Protection of the rights of children, women and vulnerable communities» ( PRODEF), executed by Lawyers Without Borders ( ASFC) and the International Bureau for Human’s Rights ( IBCR) with the financial support of the Government of Canada, CHS Alternativo submitted a presentation on the topic of human trafficking in Peru. 

In this blog article, Mrs Kianičková stated that CHS Alternativo, combined with IPRODES  Acción por los Niños et Asociación Paz y Esperanza, three other non-government organisations working in Peru to promote Human Rights and more specifically regarding the rights of the child, adressed the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in order to sollicit a public audience on the issue of human trafficking in Peru. 

She adds that the presentation of CHS Alternativo as a member of the Peruvian delegation was a success. Furthermore, Commissionner Margaret May Macaulay, concerned by the situation, ask to the delegation to provide her with more information on the situation in Peru, which suggests the possibility of cooperation, maybe even another visit in Peru from the IACHR rapporteurs. In a couple of weeks, members of the delefation will gather together again to reflect on that thematic audience as well as to establish an action plan for the future. 

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