The IBCR meets with students at Stanislas College

On November 13, members of the IBCR went to Stanislas College as part of “Career Day”.

The objective of this event was for students from Secondary 3 to 5 to meet professionals working in different fields. After a meeting with all the professionals to answer the questions of students, different stands have been set up according to everyone’s domain of expertise.

Many students have participated at this event to be informed about different career opportunities. Several students have stopped at the IBCR stand called “International Relations, Voluntary Cooperation: International Bureau for Children’s Rights”. IBCR members found interesting to hear the students’ point of view regarding international relations and international cooperation. Many students have asked questions about the studies required for this kind of work.

The discussions with the high school students and the professionals were interesting and instructive. This event was also an opportunity to present the work done by the International Bureau for Children’s Rights and to increase students’ awareness regarding children’s rights and child protection.