The IBCR and Lawyers without Borders UQÀM organise a conference about Voluntary Cooperation

A conference about Voluntary Cooperation has been organised by the IBCR and Lawyers without Borders UQÀM on November 16, 2017. 

The objective of this conference was to inform the people interested about voluntary cooperation positions and to promote the Voluntary Cooperation Programme: Protection of Children, Women and other Vulnerable Populations (PRODEF). 

Three former volunteers, Dominika Kianickova, Alima Racine et Laurianne Ladouceur have each given a presentation and discussed about their mandate, the activities and responsabilities they have fulfilled as part of their mandate in Peru, Guatemala and Honduras respectively. 

With more than 40 people attending, the event which took place at UQÀM, was a success. The conference was followed by a networking session where participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the volunteers and talk about subjects previously discussed, such as human trafficking.