Protecting child victims of violence in Angola

By ratifying most international instruments on the rights of the child and developing policies to effectively protect the rights of the child, Angola has in the past demonstrated its commitment to improving the situation of its children. However, the implementation of these policies is often lacking and their impact is therefore limited. As a result, a large number of children are still victims of abuse, violence and exploitation.

Mandated by UNICEF, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR) recently launched a 5-month project in Angola to strengthen the child protection system.

In order to ensure that Angolan children in contact with justice, police, social services, education and health institutions receive effective and respectful treatment, it is necessary to establish clear national procedures and protocols for the protection of children and to have professionals trained in children’s rights. The IBCR intervenes to create procedural guides – or Standard Operating Procedures – aimed at providing a better framework for the care of children, in particular children in contact with the law, victims of sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment or users of psychotropic substances.

Training for professionals in contact with children is also planned, in partnership with the Ministries of Education, Health, Interior, Justice and Human Rights, and Social Action, the Family and the Advancement of Women.

For this project, the Bureau has set up a dedicated team composed of several experts, acting from Angola and Montreal. The IBCR went to Luanda in September for a first mission, during which the team was able to meet the partners in the field and organise workshops and working sessions with professionals from the different sectors involved. A second and final mission of several weeks should start at the end of October, and allow the validation of the proposed documents, the training of specialists who will then train their peers, and support the first courses in this regard.

1st multi-sector workshop, Lubango / partners: UNICEF, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

2nd multi-sector workshop, Luanda / partners: UNICEF, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights