Project in Senegal: an assessment of the child protection system

The assessment began in Senegal as part of our project to empower girls and frontline actors against sexual and gender-based violence. The first step of the project is to understand the country’s and partners’ child protection context, its strengths and weaknesses, in order to adapt the next steps accordingly.

It is our project team based in Senegal that works on the assessment, hand in hand with the partners on the ground. This is a crucial step for the credibility and sustainability of the project, as it allows us to analyse the training currently provided in the country as well as the procedures in place in terms of children’s rights for the targeted sectors. It thus provides an overview of existing child protection practices in the country and/or in the regions concerned.

The partners involved are the training schools or institutions that are partners in the project, but also civil society associations or children’s groups. Children are thus involved at every stage of the project so that they can participate in decisions that concern them.

Information is gathered through individual and group interviews and workshops by sector.

atelier justce

Workshop Justice

Workshop Security Forces

In October, the results will be compiled in a publication which will be available on our website in our publications section . It will serve as a support for the next steps of the project, but also as a basis for the monitoring and evaluation of the project until its end.

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