Police and National Guard members better trained in children’s rights in Tunisia

The IBCR has been involved in an almost two-year project in Tunisia to strengthen the children’s rights skills of members of the Police and the National Guard.  

The project has trained more than 75 police and national guard personnel in children’s rights, as well as certifying a dozen trainers who will themselves be able to train future recruits. These trainings aim to improve the responses of the members of the Police and the Royal Guard, by reminding them of the good practices to follow in situations involving children in conflict with the law, victims and/or witnesses, and associated with violent groups in Tunisia.    

Throughout this process, the IBCR has worked closely with the UNICEF Tunisia office, the Ministry of the Interior, a lawyer, and a psychosocial expert, who are key local partners in sustaining the project’s actions.  

Over the past year, the experts working on this project have produced several documents and practical guides that will provide sustainable support for future training.   


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