IBCR on Burkinabe television: accompanying children in contact with the justice system

Our IBCR team in Burkina Faso took part in a TV show on June 17th on the local channel BF1. With the theme “a multisectoral approach to improve the accompaniment of children in contact with the law in Burkina Faso”, the show presented our project in progress in the country since 2015, and our actions in this area to the Burkinabe public.

The programme took the form of a debate between the project team and our partners from the justice and social action sectors in the country. In direct connection with the Day of the African Child on June 16, whose theme this year in Burkina Faso was “Adapted accompaniment of the child in contact with justice”, we prepared this program as part of CAP ENFANCE POSITIVE, a series of talk shows on topics related to child protection.

The debate provided an opportunity to discuss important issues related to the rights of children in contact with justice, using concrete and recent examples from Burkina Faso. The discussions highlighted the latest progress made in the country, in particular IBCR’s work carried out in collaboration with our partners from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and the Family (MFSNF).

As an example, thanks to the work carried out by the IBCR and its local state partners, children in Burkina Faso who come into contact with the justice system now benefit from, among other things, the ongoing support of a social worker, the assistance of a lawyer and the presence of their family during hearings. The system now prioritizes children’s participation in decisions that affect them and alternatives to custody and detention. As a result, fewer Burkinabé children are placed in detention centres. The program begins with a presentation of IBCR’s work by Martin Causin, IBCR Project Manager in Burkina Faso, and continues with debates and discussions on the subject.


Presented by Hermann NAZE, the show had around the table:
Judge Mathieu LOMPO – Director of Juvenile Justice (Ministry of Justice)
Mr Soumèla SAKHO – Director General of Family and Children (MFSNF)
Mr Mahamadi OUBDA – Expert Prison Administration (IBCR)
Mr Goro PALENFO – Social Work Expert (IBCR)

See the complete show (in French):

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