Going beyond the texts : for a justice that takes into account children’s rights and needs

From September 11 to 14, some 30 French-speaking experts from the field of the protection of children’s rights will be meeting in Burkina-Faso capital, Ouagadougou. They will reflect on the required skills for judges, attorneys and other justice professionals working in contact with children.

This workshop takes place in the context of regional initiatives for the training of judges and attorneys regarding children’s rights. It is organised by the IBCR, with the support of the International Organisation of French-speaking countries. It aims at establishing a list of the required skills for an adequate interaction with the child, whether he/she is a victim or a witness of violent or delinquent acts , or still in conflict with the law.

It is essential to target accurately the technical skills the justice professionals need to master, beyond a basic knowledge of legal texts on juvenile justice. The ultimate aim is to develop a justice for children that takes into account the children’s rights, needs and specificities.

This workshop is carried out as part of the current project of the IBCR in Burkina-Faso, in continuity with the experiments and collaborations that have already been achieved with the country’s security forces and social services.