Fight against trafficking in persons in Honduras: determined partners

Photo de groupe Honduras

As part of the project funded by the Canadian Anti-Crime Capacity Building  Program (ACCBP) on trafficking and exploitation of persons in Honduras (read more here), IBCR met with some of the key institutions and partners during a visit to the country in August.

The Inter-institutional Commission against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons (CICESCT) and its local committees welcomed the IBCR during their plenary meeting to discuss the main steps to come and the first results obtained, in connection with the state of play of the country’s situation earlier this year (see here). IBCR members also had the opportunity to meet the Vice-Rector of the National Directorate of Police Education (DNEP), the Director of the General Directorate of the Honduran Modernization and External Cooperation Programme and the Deputy Minister of the Secretariat of Labour and Social Security. All reaffirmed their interest and commitment in this initiative to improve the institutional response to the prosecution, protection and prevention of trafficking and exploitation of persons.

In addition, for a relevant, effective and sustainable implementation of the project, and to best meet the needs of the population, the Bureau has set up a Steering Committee composed of the most important institutions and organizations in Honduras. This “platform” for support, collaboration and advice met for the first time on Friday 23 August last, providing an opportunity to clarify the role of each party and to recall the expected results and impacts of the project.

Many actions are planned this fall and IBCR is pleased to be able to count on the full participation of these key actors in the fight against human trafficking in Honduras! 


CICESCT, Rosa Corea, Secretaria General

Photo de groupe Honduras

Secretaría de Trabajo y Seguridad Social, Olvin Aníbal Villalobos Velásquez, Subsecretario de Estado (Viceministro)



Policía Nacional de Honduras, Jose Reinaldo Servellón, Vicerrector de la Dirección Nacional de Educación Policial (DNEP)