A consultation workshop with young people for more appropriate training

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A consultation workshop was held last month with a group of young people as part of the IBCR’s project: “How to intervene with child victims of crime? On-line training tools for Quebec justice personnel”. The consultation workshop made it possible to verify the relevance of some of the content created, and to reorient certain key messages.

The project will provide training on children’s rights to police, justice, social work and youth protection personnel, to ensure that their interactions with child victims or witnesses of crime are conducted in a manner that respects their rights. The online training will consist of 6 modules for staff in the relevant sectors in Quebec.
The project includes several consultation and information activities with children to ensure that the content created is well adapted to the needs of the young people concerned.

These workshops add value by drawing on the “expert” posture of young people. In particular, they offer avenues for improvement on :  

  • The relevance of the key messages of the training
  • The relevance of the accompanying tools (audiovisual capsules, introduction screen, post-video analysis) 
  • Advocacy messages

The group of young people consulted last month came from the users’ committees of the Youth Protection Directorate, one of the project partners. This space allowed them to share their experiences and perspectives on the protection system.

The training will be finalised in the coming months, for a launch in autumn 2022.

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