Development workshop for the elaboration of a training kit to combat trafficking in Costa Rica.

On May 22nd, a dozen representatives from different institutions involved in the fight against human trafficking in Costa Rica met in the framework of the development workshop organized by the IBCR to start the process a training package on this topic.

One of the objectives of this workshop was to take stock of the didactic and training resources already developed by the institutions present in order to appreciate its contribution and plan their incorporation into the development of the training.

This workshop builds on a series of several working sessions that identified key competencies to be strengthened as part of the training package for the National Coalition Against the Smuggling of Migrants and Human Trafficking (CONATT). 

The project “Strengthening Institutions in the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons in Costa Rica” started in 2015 and aims to support the process of professionalization and capacity building of key actors engaged in surveillance, prevention, prevention and control. investigation and prosecution of human trafficking offenses in Costa Rica, the police and justice sectors, in addition to the 21 public agencies members of CONATT.