Day of the African Child 2021 with our partners in Senegal

Last month, our girls’ empowerment project team and frontline actors against sexual and gender-based violence in Senegal participated in several events promoting children’s rights, including the Day of the African Child 2021.   

The Day of the African Child is celebrated annually on June 16 on the continent, and provides an opportunity to remind children, as well as those around them, of the importance of promoting and protecting children’s rights.   

Since the beginning of the year, IBCR has had an office in Senegal thanks to the launch of its 4-year project on the empowerment of girls and frontline actors against sexual and gender-based violence in the country. The team on site was therefore able to mobilize to participate on June 15 in the launch of the 33rd National Child Week, and on June 16 in the celebration of the Day of the African Child 2021 and the 19th edition of the Festival of Clubs for Education on the Rights of the Child (event organized by our partner, the NGO EDEN).

 The objectives of the day were to :   

  • Contribute to advocacy around the issue of protection, empowerment, respect, promotion, réalisation of children’s rights and leadership.  
  • To mobilise authorities, partners and communities in favor of actions guaranteeing the realization of children’s rights, particularly in the areas of protection against violence, civil status declaration, empowerment and equal opportunities.  
  • Widely disseminate the 2040 Agenda for Africa’s Children  and in particular the 10 aspirations related to the promotion and protection of children’s rights Several of our partners were present at these events, including the Ministry of Justice of Senegal, and the Ministry of Women, Family, Gender and Child Protection.  Our Project Manager in Senegal, Camille Gallie, gave a speech for the occasion.    

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