Children Welcome the IBCR at their Radio Show

Last Friday, the IBCR was honored to participate in a radio programme organised by Saint-Fabien’s primary school in Montreal. Based on an initiative from the teacher Ludovic Tourné, grade 4 students are leading a radio show on a regular basis on different subjects. For this show on child labour, many subjects were discussed, including the definition of child labour, its conditions, its types, the Convention on the Rights of the Child with a focus on article 12, helping local and international organisations, etc. A round table was also conducted to enable guests from the International Bureau of Children’s Rights and the Foundation du Docteur Julien to shed light on their role, their actions and on children’s freedom of speech.

The Director General of the Bureau and the Communications Manager were invited to participate and were quite impressed by the student’s level of involvement and professionalism. They interviewed the guests live during their show and build the entire programme. As the Bureau is always looking to promote the participation of children, the members of the IBCR were inspired by their dynamic and enthusiastic dedication.

Congratulations to à Sanâa, Léo, Félixe, Anaïs, Amanda, Florianne, Mathis, Olivier, Elias, Ferréol, Juliette, Antonina, Clara, Alexandru, Alex, Thomassin, and their teacher Ludovic!

Listen to the radio show by clicking here