Children from Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo get involved in the development of training kits

The IBCR has held workshops with children in Ouagadougou and Kinshasa on December 5, 6 and 8, 2017.

These children, mostly street children hosted by NGO partner centres, were actively involved in the development of training kits by participating in theatrical workshops prepared by actors of the theatre group Les Béjarts and members of the IBCR.

The first workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo took place at the OSEPER association and brought together 10 children. The actors of the group played the scenes in Lingala, a Bantu language spoken in the DRC. Afterwards, the children replayed the scenes by modifying them to represent their own situation. The actors then staged the scenes including the modifications of children. The members of the IBCR made sure to integrate their comments in the scenarios so these improved versions could be reproduced in Ouagadougou. 

In Burkina Faso, a workshop was held at the NGO Voix de femmes with 13 girls hosted by NGO partner centres. The second workshop brought together 13 boys at the NGO Keogoo. The children commented on the three productions staged in Moré and five drawings taken from an image box.

Children’s participation in such a project was really relevant. It was interesting to note that the children of Ouagadougou brought the same points and modifications as the children of Kinshasa. Several  observations made during the workshops will be included in the audiovisual tools that the IBCR is currently developing.