A new project to prevent and combat sexual and gender-based violence against children in Burkina Faso

In order to support the efforts undertaken in the field of child protection, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights has been engaged since 2021, alongside the State of Burkina Faso, in a new five-year project (2021-2026) aimed at reducing sexual and gender-based violence against children, and in particular girls.

After a first project in the country from 2015 to 2021, this new initiative aims to reduce sexual and gender-based violence against children, and  is based on three key actions:


Improving coordination between sectors involved in combating violence against children


Building the skills of related professionals


empowering children themselves, particularly girls, to promote their rights

The initiative also seeks to emphasise gender equality and the empowerment of girls and boys in decisions that affect them.

Child protection is still one of the major development issues in Burkina Faso because children are still exposed to many risks and situations of vulnerability, making the challenges multiple and immense.
Hélène Marie Laurence ILBOUDO born MARCHAL, Minister of Women, National Solidarity, the Family and Humanitarian Action of Burkina Faso, in 2020
A strengthening of three complementary pillars of the child protection system is foreseen :

State institutions and structures :

Strengthening the skills of members of the defence forces (armed forces and gendarmerie) and security forces (police, regional child protection brigades), social work, health, justice (magistrates, prison security guards) and education and school services in the area of children’s rights and combating violence.

Community protection networks and cells :

Strengthening and setting up tools to effectively prevent and combat sexual and gender-based violence against children, especially girls.

Girls and boys :

Empowering and strengthening their mobilisation as subjects of rights and their participation in their own protection, through technical support to several national associations working with children.

Through the implementation of this project, the IBCR and its partners aim to contribute to the creation of an environment where all children can claim and exercise their most fundamental rights, ensuring them the enjoyment of their rights without being exposed to sexual and gender-based violence.

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This project is made possible through the financial support of Global Affairs Canada. AMC EN