Angola commits to the protection of its children

In 2019, the Angolan government committed to pursue the work carried out during our last projet in the country aiming to reinforce its child protection system. This became a reality last month with the publication of an executive decree aimed at disseminating and applying our recommendations throughout the country. A decision that promises great progress for the protection of Angolan children!

The IBCR intervened in Angola in 2019 alongside UNICEF to reinforce the child protection system and better protect children victims of violence. To this end, we have developed procedural guides and training for the main sectors of the child protection system (justice, security forces, social services, education and health) to define their roles and improve and expand the delivery of their services.

Those guides – also called Standard Operating Procedures – are intended to be used at a national level to harmonise and coordinate practices in the targeted sectors, a goal towards which the Angolan government is moving. The Bureau also trained over 120 professionnals in the application of these guides and in the knowledge of children’s rights, so that they are now equipped and able to pass on these knowledge and skills to their peers.

Last July, the Angolan government issued an executive decree, signed by the five ministries of the sectors involved, aimed at disseminating throughout the country the recommendations, procedures and training designed within the framework of this project. This official recognition heralds an evolution of the sectors concerned in favour of the rights of the Angolan child. A great step forward for the protection of the country’s girls and boys!


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Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash