A Y7 delegation visit held at the IBCR

On April 19, the Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) and 30 youth delegates from the G7 countries, visited the IBCR’s office on the occasion of the Youth 7 Summit (Y7).

The Y7 Summit is an annual event taking place in parallel with the G7 Summit. It brings together youth delegates from member countries to negotiate and formulate G7 policy recommendations that reflect youth priorities. The YDC (a non-profit organization that develops Canada’s future leaders in diplomacy, policy and advocacy) were the organizers of this year’s summit in Ottawa and were interested about the IBCR, because of its vocation for the rights of the child and its action abroad.

A meeting was organized to present our organization, our ongoing projects and our methods of intervention to the delegates and other young people present.

The IBCR’s director general Guillaume Landry, the project manager Tarik Marc and the juvenile justice specialist Jose Ordonez were able to discuss with participants on several topics, including the mission of the Office, the Voluntary Cooperation Programme, plans to strengthen the child protection system in Honduras as well as the fight against human trafficking in Costa Rica.

The IBCR is glad  to have been able to exchange with these committed young people and is looking forward to the publication of the recommendations made by the delegates at the summit.