A week filled with activities for our volunteer cooperant, Karina Fauteux, in Ivory Coast

As part of her mandate as a volunteer cooperant within the Association of Women Lawyers of Ivory Coast (AFJCI), Karina Fauteux has participated on a local radio show hosted by the San Pedro Legal Clinic, on September 6th 2017. The show was aired on radio BEBE, 104.4 FM, in San Pedro.

The topic of the talk show was the right to education (compulsory school and school enrolment for girls). The show received the contibution of the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Protection.  

Karina Fauteux has also attended a meeting with the working group on statelessness, on September 12th 2017, with the Legal Clinic of San Pedro. The topic of the discussion revolved around issues regarding statelessness and many actors were present, such as HCR, SAARA, and ASAPSU.

The agenda consisted of recommendations follow-up, the sharing of information on ongoing and future projects as well as the planning of the Evaluation committee’s first work session.