A play to fight human trafficking in Honduras 

A play is currently on tour in Honduras to prevent and raise awareness among local populations about crimes related to human trafficking. The play, which lasts about 20 minutes, is presented in street theatre or in organisations in order to reach the populations most likely to be affected by this crime. 

Our project in Honduras to empower change agents against trafficking and exploitation of people, especially women and girls, launched a “fondo concursable” last year to fund two local initiatives to fight human trafficking at the community level.  The play was created within the framework of one of these two initiatives, the project “Contributing to the prevention of trafficking in young women and girls at the community level”, carried out by the Honduran women’s study centre CEM-H, with technical and financial support from the IBCR.  

The play “El vuelo de una monarca” was written and directed by Susan Arteaga, and presented by the theatre group “Las Diosas”, which is made up of young women who live in neighbourhoods that are highly affected by human trafficking crimes. The positioning of the young actresses and the feelings of their daily experiences in the community were reflected in the script of the play. 

The actresses were trained as part of the training processes conducted by the CEM-H using the training manuals developed by the IBCR team. 

One of the performances took place during the regional congress to combat human trafficking, organised by the IBCR and the CICESCT. The play was recorded and you can watch it here: (in Spanish) 

Warning: The play deals with subjects that may affect the sensibilities of some people


“El vuelo de una monarca” – Written and directed by: Susan Cartagena Arteaga  

Theatre collective “Las Diosas”. 

Casting in order of appearance:  

  • Ledvia Elizabeth Avila Oliva
  • Dilcia Marlenis Garcia Ruiz
  • Gabriela Fúnez Arévalo
  • Elsy Yanira Espinal Zuniga
  • Keilyn Paola Briceño Cruz
  • Dania Marissela Avila Oliva
  • Voice-over: Marcelo Lopez Osorio  

The play was created within the framework of the project “Contributing to the prevention of trafficking in women and girls at the community level”, carried out by the Centre for Women’s Studies Honduras CEM-H (technical coordinator: María Virginia Méndez) 

This initiative launched by the “fondo concursable” is now coming to an end. In the coming months we will share the results of the two selected projects ( including this one). Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything!