A new visual identity for the “Parole aux jeunes” project !

By allowing Quebec teenagers to get involved in the fight against sexual exploitation, the “Parole aux jeunes” project (2020-2023) desires to demonstrate the importance of children’s participation in issues that concern them. Its new logo is a visual echo of this ambition.

The goal of the “Paroles aux jeunes” (Hear the Youth) project is to enable children aged 14 to 17 to take concrete action to protect and promote their rights. It aims to demonstrate the importance of taking into account the perspective of young people in the fight against sexual exploitation so that prevention and awareness messages aimed at them are more effective and better adapted to their reality.

For over a year, the young participants of the project were trained and equipped to better understand the links between pandemic, technology and sexual exploitation. Through various workshops, they then shared their observations and are currently developing concrete recommendations for the province’s policy.

Born from the desire of young people to relay the messages of the project, but also with the ambition to mobilise the 5 groups involved, the project’s new logo was unveiled this February.

This logo, which takes up the title of the project, captures its essence and aims to make young people central interlocutors in defining campaigns and measures for prevention and action against sexual exploitation.Geneviève TRÉPANIER, Parole aux jeunes project manager at the International Bureau for Children's Rights (IBCR)

The logo consists of 3 elements:

3 lines symbolising the Word and the perspective of young people. This element is a reminder that the project wants to encourage young people to express their opinions and to become aware of their ability to participate.

3 dots recalling chat bubbles and referring to the ubiquity of digital technologies and their link to the sexual exploitation of children.

A link between the letters representing the group work and the team spirit demonstrated by the project participants in building their recommendations.

The typography of the “aux” is handwritten and imperfect to reflect the uniqueness of each young person and the heterogeneity of their opinions.

The new logo was very well received by the young people involved in the project.

During the weekend of 10-12 March, the various groups involved in the project will meet for a weekend to finalise their recommendations and learn about those of the other groups.

See you at the beginning of May 2023 to discover their recommendations!

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This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Montreal and the Quebec Ministry of Justice.