A new resource for talking to teenagers about online sexual exploitation

The massive use of digital technologies and the web and the advent of social networks, accentuated by the pandemic we have just experienced, increase the risk for children, and especially adolescents, of being confronted with online sexual exploitation. In order to better prevent this crime, it is necessary to open a dialogue with young people on this subject. With this in mind, the International Children’s Bureau (IBCR) is today unveiling a new resource to give parents, and more broadly adults, the keys to addressing these sometimes difficult issues with children.

As sexual exploitation refers to “taking advantage of an imbalance of power, a situation of vulnerability or a relationship of trust […]”, listening to the child must be a key priority in preventing and combating any abuse, whether online or offline.

As part of its “Parole aux jeunes!” project aimed at better preventing and acting against the sexual exploitation of children in Quebec, the IBCR has designed a ten-page leaflet presenting keys to recognising and preventing sexual exploitation and offering advice, tools and resources to open a healthy and non-judgemental dialogue with children on potentially risky situations.

Designed as a good practice guide to enable children and young people to adopt healthier habits on digital platforms, this leaflet can also serve as a basis for reflection for school and community workers on the issues they face on a daily basis.

This tool will be disseminated within the framework of the “Speak to Youth” project, which has been implemented since 2020, and may be improved in the coming years.

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This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Montreal and the Quebec Ministry of Justice.

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