A cooperative volunteer of the IBCR in Ivory Coast as part of the partnership with the AFJCI

On July 16th, Karine Fateux, a new volunteer cooperant at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, as part of PRODEF, took the plane for Ivory Coast where she will stay for an 8 months mandate within our local partner, the Association of Women Lawyers of Ivory Coast (AFJCI).

As soon as she arrived, Karina was able to meet Mrs Andrea Payer, senior analyst in Western and Central Africa for Global Affairs Canada. The meeting took place on July 19th, wednesday, at the Canadian Embassy in Abidjan in the company of Mrs Fatimata Diabate, a lawyer who is responsable of the AFJCI’s projects, and Mrs Hawa Ouattara-Koffi, political agent at the Embassy. That meeting was also an opportunity to introduce the volunteer cooperation programme, the project “Protection of children, women and vulnerable collectivities” (PRODEF) as well as to discuss the principal challenges in different regions of countries in which the volunteers will be deployed. 

Indeed, many other mandates are planned in the next few months in order to support our partner in the promotion and the defense of the rights of children, women and vulnerable collectivities. Furthermore, it could be emphasized that the partnership would benefit other non-governmental organizations in the country.