General comment of the CNUDC on the rights of the child in relation to the digital environment

The Convention on the Rights of the Child codifies children’s rights and forms the basis for much of the national legislation relating to children around the world. Following the adoption by the Council on the Rights of the Child of General Comment No. 25 on Children’s Rights in the Digital World, all 196 states that are signatories to the Convention will now be required to officially report on its provisions. Its adoption makes it explicit – for the first time – that children’s rights apply in the digital world.

The Commentary is the culmination of three years of work during which the 5Rights Foundation supported the Committee on the Rights of the Child in drafting GC 25. 40 nation-states, hundreds of organizations, 709 children and 50 dedicated experts from 28 countries contributed to the process. Today, we celebrate this incredible joint effort on behalf of children around the world.

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Source: 5Rights Foundation