Saratou Kaboré

Saratou Kaboré holds a Bachelor’s degree (BAC+3) in Accounting and Financial Techniques and a Master’s degree (BAC+4) in Accounting, Control and Audit. She then joined an Association for the Promotion of Human Health for the European Union’s water and sanitation project and Plan International Burkina’s child survival project.

She then worked in an accounting firm as an auditor and in NGOs such as GTENF as an Administration and Finance Officer and Plan International Burkina as an Administrative and Financial Coordinator and later as an Accounting and Financial Manager for several projects.

During her professional career, Saratou has participated in capacity building in accounting and financial management for financial managers and partners in project implementation in the field and in offices. She has also provided training and refresher courses in financial management to NGO financial managers.

Saratou is fluent in French and English.

 She joined the IBCR in June 2021.