Ndeye Astou Fall

After obtaining a Diploma in Community Social Work in 2004 in Senegal, Ndeye Astou FALL began her professional activities by conducting field surveys and carrying out consultancy contracts. These experiences led her to work in 12 regions of Senegal.

Ndeye Astou joined the world of non-governmental organisations in 2007, initially in the nutrition sector. She then continued her career by entering the field of child protection in 2013. She has worked with the NGOs Child Fund, Secours Islamique France, SOS Villages d’Enfants Sénégal and Plan International Sénégal. She later became involved with the Danish Refugee Council, an experience that strengthened her capacity for community-based work, particularly regarding interventions in emergency areas. This work led her to work in the field of child protection in emergencies, gender-based violence case management and community protection.  

In the course of her professional activities, she has worked in many countries in West Africa (Mali, Senegal, Niger, Guinea Conakry and Benin) and in Central Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since May 2021, Ndeye Astou FALL has been project manager in Burkina Faso for the IBCR.