Lena Trottein

A recent graduate (2023) of UQAM with a master’s degree in international politics and international law, Lena Trottein is particularly committed to defending human rights. 

Through her academic and professional experiences, she has become interested in issues of gender equality and intersectionality. For her master’s thesis, she produced an intersectional analysis of the reintegration of migrant girls who had been involved in an armed group. 

Lena also previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences in France. This enabled her to acquire knowledge of child development, which she combines with practical work placements that give her a concrete vision of working with children. Her expertise in law and child development, combined with her experience in human rights, including with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, means that she now has a wide range of professional skills and an overall vision that strengthens the work of the IBCR.

Having first joined the IBCR as an intern, she has held the position of Gender Equality Support Officer since January 2023.

She is fluent in French and English.