Cathy Launay-Alcala

Cathy Launay-Alcala has worked for over fifteen years in the business tourism industry in Europe, the Caribbean and North America. After working for a few years as a project manager, she quickly moved on to managing a tourism establishment, then to entrepreneurship by co-founding a tour operator and an event agency in the Dominican Republic. As a signatory of the initiative led by the Dominican National Council for Childhood and Adolescence (CONANI) to fight against the sexual exploitation of children, she raises awareness and advocates for responsible and ethical tourism.

In 2013, she immigrated with her family to Canada and joined the IBCR team a year later. Successively in charge of communications, then partnerships, Cathy is now Director of Operations and Programs. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian and holds an MBA from the University of Southern Brittany and a Certificate in Economics from the Centro de Aplicaciones Económicas Empirica in Santo Domingo.