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Gabriela Rincon

Latin America


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With the development of the Project for the Integral Strengthening of Children's Rights of the IBCR Voluntary Cooperation Program (PCV), it has become necessary to provide organisational management support to partner agencies.

Improving the management practices and processes of civil society actors enables them to work more efficiently in the use of human and material resources and thus strengthen the achievement of the mission and objectives of the international cooperation programme and the partners.

As a volunteer, I was able to identify important tools for children's rights and observe the impact of organisational management in the international co-operation programme. I have seen that the support of development workers in organisational management is important for the effective use of human and material resources in the process of strengthening children's rights and gender equality in Colombia.

As a result, it is possible to see an improvement in the partner organisation's resource management processes and practices, as well as the implementation of new strategies leading to an organisational model that increases the achievement of objectives. Similarly, the partner organisation can strengthen its position in raising awareness and promoting and respecting children's rights among vulnerable communities and the general public, by putting in place organisational management structures that meet international standards.

In other words, they will be able to share and disseminate their work more effectively and create opportunities for building new trust and partnerships, both nationally and internationally. They also strengthen organisational management procedures by adapting business sector models and methods to the structure and mission of partner organisations, enabling them to develop strategies for a longer-term, broader and more international vision in their practices and processes.

During my rewarding work experience as an Organizational Management Development Officer at the Genfami Foundation, I shared the concepts I learned from my undergraduate degree in business administration and my specializations in project management and international trade in Canada, which allowed me to :

  • To support Genfami in strengthening processes in the administrative and technical field, so that the Foundation can implement a broader vision in its international line, in its organisational and project management.
  • To generate a knowledge exchange to better support Genfami in the implementation and development of different project management tools.
  • To systematise the projects carried out and the advocacy information used by Genfami, to support the building of the Foundation’s project platform to support strategic decision making.
  • Develop a project dissemination plan to give greater visibility to the systematised project information and Genfami’s expertise and to raise awareness of the different realities in vulnerable communities.
  • Generate a better analysis to promote its long-term vision and internationalisation.

Since April 2021, the Genfami Foundation has had the participation of Gabriela Rincón as a volunteer cooperant of the Project for the Integral Strengthening of Children’s Rights (PCV), and in this sense, I would like to emphasise that Gabriela’s cooperation has been a very valuable exercise in joint action for the strengthening of Genfami’s technical processes, generating an exchange of knowledge and experiences, contributing to political advocacy, project formulation and implementation, promoting the respect and guarantee of the rights of girls and boys in Colombia and thus achieving greater international visibility.

Luz Helena Rúa, National project coordinator

Finally, I believe that organisational management is of great importance in supporting partner organisations to increase positive results in raising public awareness of children's rights.

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