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This Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the BAYTI association in collaboration with the Moroccan education delegations organized an open day on the occasion of the National Day for Non-Formal Education under the theme: "The second chance school, an inclusive and renewed educational offer contributing to a pioneering and equitable educational renaissance".

This annual event, organized by the BAYTI association for the protection of children in Morocco, is an opportunity for interaction and awareness with children, parents and various partners on its program "School of the second chance".

The non-formal education program, also called the second chance school, aims to contribute to the progressive eradication of illiteracy. It is therefore intended to provide basic education to out-of-school children or those who have dropped out of school in order to complement the efforts of the generalization of education.

As every year in anticipation of BAYTI's open day, the non-formal education team, composed of an education program manager, 4 teachers, and 6 volunteers, conducted door-to-door surveys in 42 neighborhoods in Casablanca.  The objective is to identify out-of-school and/or working children and to raise awareness among families about the phenomena of domesticity and compulsory education as a supreme right of the child.

These surveys took place this year from September 1 to October 10 and allowed to sensitize 210 families and to identify 280 young people and children not in school or out of school, 110 of them have integrated the non-formal education program.   Following these surveys, an open day was organized at the headquarters of the association BAYTI in Ain Chock, a day that provides a framework for exchange and awareness.

At the beginning of this beautiful day, and to mark the participation of the child in the activities of Bayti, a recital of the Holy Quran was initiated by a child beneficiary of the program then followed the opening words of the Director Amina LMALIH who stressed "We help children in difficulty to integrate into society while accompanying the families in their educational role, this allows us to discover the potential and talent of each of them. This approach is based on a program for the reschooling and integration of out-of-school children, designed to provide basic education to children who are not in school or who have dropped out of school, with a view to their integration into formal education or into vocational training courses.

This was emphasized by the director of the Provincial Directorate of National Education Ain Chock, Mrs. Latifa Lamalif who said that "A child can only be reconciled with school in a situation of trust. This is why, in an active and benevolent listening, it is a question of taking into account the learning mechanisms of each one, and of teaching them to learn while developing in them the pleasure of learning and the pride of knowledge.

Pride that can be read on the face of this lady in her forties who came to participate in the delivery of her 14 year old daughter's primary school certificate for her "this day marks the entry into a new life. I see my daughter leaving a difficult circle for good and engaging in professional life" she says.

A day of total success, this year there were 34 young people and children who came to collect their primary school certificate, and on this occasion they also received school kits from the BAYTI association as a token of encouragement.

This day is also a moment of testimony and thanks for the parents, which allowed them to look back on the path taken by their child.  Finally, this event is an opportunity for BAYTI to highlight the various achievements in terms of child protection, as well as to thank parents for entrusting their children to them.

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