In recent years, the Bureau has developed informed expertise regarding the impact of economic activity on children. The Bureau plays a constructive role by helping the private sector be attentive to the rights of children when developing corporate social responsibility strategies and by helping governments take their commitments to children’s rights into account when planning budgets.

How do we do it?

Applied research


Together with a number of institutional and civil society partners in Quebec, the Bureau has conducted innovative research to determine the extent to which organisations consider the impact of their activities on children’s rights. The Bureau advises businesses about concrete and positive ways they can become more accountable to children and align themselves with international standards. The IBCR also supports governments looking to allocate budgets to children’s right issues by producing assessments, initial reports, field investigations and recommendations.


Strategic commitment

In order to effect influence and long-term structural change, the Bureau regularly participates in meetings with governments and civil society organisations. At the 2014 Global Child Forum held in Stockholm, the IBCR shared its North American experiences on corporate social responsibility and how it relates to children, with particular attention to the role of the travel industry in combating child sexual exploitation.

Our other fields of activity