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Since 2014, the IBCR has been examining new forms of child sexual exploitation.

The boundaries between consumerism, prostitution and adolescent sexuality are increasingly blurred. Preventive public policies and actions against child sexual exploitation are struggling to keep pace with the growing number of children who use new technology to solicit sexual encounters with adults in exchange for favours that are not essential for their subsistence. This marks a clear break from the stereotyped notion that people are forced into prostitution by necessity. The girls and boys involved in these types of transactions do not view themselves as victims of sexual exploitation.

Since so many of the campaigns, strategies and services designed to prevent child sexual exploitation fail to reach the youths in question, the IBCR is hoping to initiate an innovative study on young people in French-speaking countries (with the first phase of the study potentially including Quebec, Côte D’Ivoire and Morocco). The purpose of the study would be to use the voices of these youths to influence public policymakers and their strategies for combating sexual exploitation by bringing attention to recent changes in the realities of boys and girls in Canada and abroad. 

The IBCR needs your support to:

  • Conduct a study on public policies aimed at combating sexual exploitation and comparing them with the complex situations faced by boys and girls
  • Train youths on research techniques and ethics so that they can effectively contribute to the project
  • Assist youth researchers in leading interviews and workshops with other adolescents to obtain their views on the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of policies and actions to fight sexual exploitation, given the realities they face
  • Support youth researchers in the analysis of the findings so that concrete, viable recommendations can be drafted
  • Train and support youth in the advocacy initiatives so that their messages, analyses and recommendations are heard

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